Innovative Banking RegTech, Trade Finance, Lending & Compliance products supporting “multiple regulations” within a unified platform.

Leading Banks Using Kyzer TradeZone for Pan India Trade Digitization, Compliance and Operations

Provides a secure digital environment for your customers. With the Kyzer TradeZone Customer Portal, you not only go digital, but also get top-notch technology, cyber security and compliance.

TradeZone delivers a sophisticated customer trade portal, allowing bank customers to manage trade activities from remittance receipt and payment to trade documentation. TradeZone connects customers and banks seamlessly, providing anytime/anywhere access, creating visibility, speeding the business cycle and reducing costs, all while streamlining the trade finance process.

Whether you need to issue letters of credit, provide guarantees, facilitate trade document collection, handle remittances and certification, TradeZone can help convert day-to-day trade transaction management into your competitive advantage.

Supports the broadest range of traditional trade and supply chain finance instruments processes, on a single platform for business transformation.

Indian & Multinational Banks Use Kyzer - Trade Finance Regulatory Reporting Suite

Niche products for banks to simplify and strengthen their systems’ ability to Gather, Collate, Analyse and Report Regulatory data. The process of replacing the bank’s regulatory data collection system with an upgraded version with Business Intelligence capabilities.

SWIFT Data Reconciliation with Core Banking system
Integration with Core & Non Core Systems
Data Management and Warehousing
Transaction level Risk ratings handled
In-built validations for respective reports
One-time rectification for all Reports
Complete Auditability
Infosec Compliant
Risk Ratings Incorporated

The Regulatory Suite also supports output across various formats, including Excel, CSV and XML, which enables regulators to accept data submissions from entities flexibly.
The system has been rolled out in more than 13 Indian & Multinational banks.

Our Products

Trade Finance Automation

Kyzer Framework for Process Automation
Full-Fledged Customer Portal
Minimal operations at Branch/Service desk Proactive Measures to Monitor, Control
Centralized & De-centralized Operations
Improved Audit & Compliance
Master Data Management
Reporting Dashboard
Integration Adapters

Capture Maximum Data from SWIFT
Optimal & Sustainable reporting solution  Inbuilt Field level XSD validations
Multiple Data Extraction across systems Domino Effect for Customer data correction Bank’s data and policy rules applied
Data Granularity & Consistency enhanced
Data Enrichment & Analytics

Match Vostro, Nostro, ACUD Mechanisms

SWIFT Reconciliation System

Enhanced Transparency & Controls
Operational ease – Treasury & Trade Finance
SWIFT  messages – Inward & Outward
​Auto and Manual Match MT messages
Data Reconciliation with CBS / Trade Finance / Third party systems
Control SWIFT  Msg View & Usage
Multiple Swift file formats supported
Enhanced Quality of Internal / External reporting and audit

Our Differentiators

Experience & Skills

Leading Banks as our customers. Domain & Technology Expertise

Customer First

Over Last 35+ Years of Experience in Solution Designing & Development.

Latest Technologies

BPM, DMS, Rules-Engine, API Integration, OCR

Product Innovation

Clear focus on BFSI Automation, Compliance, Regulatory Reporting.
Customer Centric Approach.

Security & Compliance

Data Warehousing and Encryption, Access Controls and Management, Regulatory
Reporting Suite, Business Processes, Information Security Policies

Singular Focus

Combining Banking knowledge with Tech. Focused Product Creation, Delivery & Consistent Support

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