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Kyzer Software is a product company with vast domain knowledge & technology enablement specialization in Banking & Financial Services. Focused in development of innovative banking products that would revolutionize how processes are handled within a bank.Our Mission “We make processes WORK for you.” A testimony to our existing & future line of products that defines our approach to building Customer Centric solutions.
Customer wise Priorities with a feature of Manual Priority. Discrepancy management Dashboard/Tracker. End to end visibility of customer request. Compliance based customer Blacklisting and Caution Listing
A Wonderful Solution by Kyzer, to ensure continued success & support clients more effectively, we needed automated solution that provided for greater collaboration, operational consistency across our trade finance business. The solution allowed us to get up & running on the platform very quickly. The solution enabled us to have a standard operating model. We are able to track each customer request more efficiently. Process Performance reports and dashboards provide a better insight into our operations.
TFRS offers automation of regulatory reporting from data input through regulatory submission, empowering banks to confront the reporting challenges head on & secure a course for profitable growth. The Solution collects and stores the necessary data for regulatory requirements, but banks can leverage this data to enable their managerial decisions as well. With the TFRS suite of products in the solution, the data is prepared & stored & holds a vast amount of information for the bank, that can help drive success in other areas
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