Automated Regulatory Reporting And Tracking System

Trade data Compilation and Reconciliation

Automated compliance, reconciliation, and reporting for Trade Transactions (Export / Import) to regulatory agencies(RBI)

Secure Intranet Web Hosted Services

Web interfaces for the banks to handle processes not available in their current trade system or involves huge cost for CBS modification

Multi Level Approach

Banks are enabled to report remittances at all level

Automated Reporting

Discontinuation of separate reporting & shift from manual reporting to automated reporting as per RBI guidelines

Trade related regulatory reporting

All trade related regulatory reporting across multiple agencies

Elimination of paper

Benefits accruing from elimination of paper for trade transactions cannot be overstressed

Features of KARATS

  Payments & Invoice or Shipping bill mapping available in a single view

  Direct integration with CBS or Integration via scheduler are the features available

  Reporting to Directorate of Revenue Intelligence a separate assisted tool to the solution

  Handling of shipping bills without manual intervention

  Simplifying overall process as everything is online

  Paperless secure transmission of data relating to imports/exports through from customs

  Graphical Dashboard

  Adjustments and calculation handled in the solution

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