Trapper De Duplication Automation

  • Optimized Operations, Improved Compliance & Enhanced Revenues.

Digitally Transform Your Financial Institutions

Trapper De Duplication Automation

Creates a Robust De-dup Detection Cycle:

Trapper creates a continuous cycle of de-duplication, detection, investigation and improvement.

Enables Flexible Usage

The de-dupe rule set can be configured for different products and types of institutions. It can also be simply and rapidly amended as profiles and products change, offering total coverage for the organisation.

Offers an Extensive Tool Set

Trapper offers verification consultants a wide range of tools to assist in the investigation of a de-duplication cases across products and institutions. Visual mapping and data assists in the identification of de –duplication.

Generates Detailed Integrated Reports:

Once the verifier has made a decision, the status of the case is passed back to the application processing system and the outcome recorded for use in the on-going de-dup process and for future monitoring and analysis.


- Wizard based Approach.
- Unlimited Forms Submissions.
- Multilingual Support.
- Define and Manage Form Approval flows.
- Smart Work assignment and allocation.
- Dashboard with Live Activity feeds.
- Restrictive Access.
- Custom reports (charged additionally based on complexity).
- Offline and Online Forms.
- Geo Maps with Photographs.
- User Productivity Reports.
- Custom Branding on Web Dashboard and Mobile App.
- Clause at the end of each verification, a part of PDF by each user based on their roles.
- Phone support during business hours.
- Approval Management.

Key Benefits

Decision Analytics restricts data manipulation.

Acceptance of Evolving Industry norms for Future Business Retention.

Reduce Operational costs.

Focus on Value Addition to customers.

Match cases with skills and experience of field verifiers.

Providing business agility by enabling frequent product format changes.

Reduced Turn-Around-Time for all verifications. Rapid service offering.

Availability of images/questionnaires for verification.

Improved exception handling & tracking.

Enhanced compliance with complete accountability

360 degree business monitoring and tracking of records.