Trade Finance Reporting Suite

  • Kyzer's Trade Finance Regulatory Reporting Suite enables compliance with existing & newly introduced mandates
    from RBI, DRI, FIU India and other regulatory agencies

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Trade Finance Regulatory Reporting Suite

EDPMS & IDPMSDirectorate of Revenue IntelligenceLiberalised Remittance SchemeCross Border Wire Transfer

"Kyzer’s regulatory solution for DRI and EDPMS/IDPMS reporting allows to compile and reconcile data pertaining to trade, which banks must report to DRI and RBI The solution allowed us to get up & running on the platform very quickly. The solution enabled us to have a standard operating model and effectively work as per our banking Infosec guidelines. Various reports and dashboards provide a better insight into our operations. Great work Kyzer Team.”

AGM – Forex, Trade Finance, Leading Co-operative BankC

Kyzer’s Regulatory Solutions
  • Successfully implemented with Indian & Foreign banks to support their transaction records accurately & submit them at the stipulated time as per various Regulatory prescribed formats.

  • Reporting Automated / Validated / 99.99% Error Free
Regulatory Solutions
Product Features
Product Features
  • - RBI portal secure handling with access limited only with administrator.
  • - Master Set up equivalent to RBI Portal.
  • - Smart Mapping - Payments & Invoice or Shipping bills.
  • - Direct integration with CBS / Integration via scheduler.
  • - Additional fields / information insertion to ensure complete reporting to RBI.
  • - Zero Manual intervention - Shipping bills handling.
  • - Auto Checker facility also available.
  • - End to end Audit with time stamp.
  • - Manual settlement approach.
  • - Single view mapping.
  • - Multiple scenarios of Settlement handled.
  • - Online process – Overall simplification of reporting.
  • - Paperless secure transmission - data related to imports/exports from customs.
  • - Adjustments and calculations handled.
  • - Settlements info to customer.
Suite Highlights
  • Trade data Compilation & Reconciliation

    Automated compliance, reconciliation & reporting for Trade Transactions (Export / Import)

  • Secure Intranet Web Hosted Services

    Web interfaces to handle processes not available in current trade system or involves high cost for CBS modification.

  • Multi-Level Reporting

    Automated data flow with minimal intervention ensure better audit

  • Regulatory Reports Business Intelligence

    Customization to Automated Reports, Kyzer also provides Business Intelligence for improving Customer eXperience / TAT

  • Automated Reporting

    Discontinuation of separate reporting & Shift from Manual reporting to Automated reporting as per RBI guidelines.

  • Multiple reporting formats Complete Audit Trail

    Automated tracking & submission of Failed Reports

  • RBI Portal Master Management

    Masters management within the solution offers validations to ensure optimum accuracy of reporting.

  • Regulatory Portal Info Security

    Elimination of bank-wide login & manual input & output extraction to the Regulatory portals

  • Error Handling for complete reporting success

    Automated / Validated / 99.99% Error Free

Modules Supported – EDPMS / IDPMS

BOE Settlement

BOE Extension

BOE Closure

Manual BOE Creation

Other Bank Bill of Entry

BOE Extension

Manual ORM

ORM Reporting’s & Closure

AD Transfer Request

Import Data Download

Receipt of Document

Payment Realisation & Extension

AD Transfer Approval

Write Off

Manual IRM

IRM Reporting’s

IRM Closure & Extension

Export Data Download

Competitive in Digital World

  • Promote industry best practices for transparency, auditability, monitoring and control
  • Assume regulatory and administrative responsibility for archive management

  • Improve operational efficiency and reduce costs by eliminating errors and delays

  • Handles high volumes of confirmations quickly and efficiently

  • Increase in customer stickiness

  • Saves industry costs and mitigates operational risk by increasing the likelihood that a trade will settle.