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Quality Engineering

  • - User experience: Does the interface offer a fast and faultless experience across multiple browsers and platforms? Do customers receive useful and timely reminders?
  • - Security: Is the payment process convenient, secure and compliant?
  • - Function: Do all the functions work?
  • - Automation: Is automation working to ease the business decision?
  • - Analytics: Are pop-ups driven by a user’s search behavior?

This new testing approach can help you achieve:

  • - Developing an outside-in approach to QA testing improves quality, cost and agile development. The QA organization not only engages in testing but helps define an enterprise portfolio strategy.
  • - Validation for all your business objectives.
  • - Up to 95% automation in test portfolios.
  • - Up to 20% reduction in cycle time using risk-based and catalog-based testing models.
  • - Test Data Management

Our domain capabilities in the Banking sector span across the following:

Planning: Study of the existing systems, preparing baselines and providing estimates

Transition: Transferring knowledge, shadowing teams and assisting maintenance

Align with industry trends

Significantly reduce of maintenance costs and increased performance

Maintenance:Optimizing the processes and bringing change where required

Speed the timely release of programs and enhancements

Improve knowledge with tool-based reverse engineering