Trade Finance Automation

  • Improved Trade Margins, Centralized Operations, Improved Compliance & Enhanced Revenue & Service Leadership in Trade Finance

Digitally Transform Your Financial Institutions

Trade Finance Automation Solution

“A Wonderful Solution by Kyzer, to ensure continued success & support clients more effectively, we needed automated solution that provided for greater collaboration, operational consistency across our trade finance business.
The solution allowed us to get up & running on the platform very quickly. The solution enabled us to have a standard operating model. We are able to track each customer request more efficiently. Process Performance reports and dashboards provide a better insight into our operations.
Great work Kyzer Team."

Head Global Trade Services, Leading Mid Segment Bank

Single platform for Trade Finance business transformation.
  • Broadest range of traditional trade finance instruments.
  • Provides End-to-End Request tracking
  • Centralised control & straight-through processing (STP) for trade to deliver superior service level agreement (SLA) management.
  • Centralized Dashboard for managing Customer Discrepancies. It also sends reminders at scheduled intervals
  • Transform trade operations to improve margins, win on client service, and capture new opportunities trade finance.
Effective screening controls
Enhanced Risk Management, strengthened Regulatory Compliance
  • Effective Screening controls for sanctions & AML risk management
  • Tailoring the content & application of watch-lists to the bank’s risk profile — significant operational cost savings can be made by streamlining watch lists.
    Identifying a “core” set of sanctions lists to use for all customer relationships and transactions.
  • Centralized Dashboard for managing Customer Discrepancies. It also sends reminders at scheduled intervals
Single, Global view of all Customer Trade Dealings
  • Integrates with Core Banking System, Treasury, Emailing System, AML Systems
  • Provides for Multi-location, multi-user, multi-role user management
  • Multiple De-dup checks are various levels to prevent duplicate request processing / trap unauthorized request
  • Single Click view of all Customer request related documents shared by Customer & Bank generated letters/communication
  • Global view
    Solution Highlights
    • Manual Priority Setup

      Customer wise Priorities with a feature of Manual Priority

    • Deferral Validation & Reports

      Centralized Dashboard for managing Customer Discrepancies. Reminders at scheduled intervals

    • Do Not Disturb

      Conditional routing of transactions for current & future based transactions for review / approvals

    • Holiday Master Management

      Manage all transactions & approvals basis defined Holiday calendar across the system

    • Compliance And Audit Trail

      End-to-end visibility of user request. Quicktracking / Global & Advanced Search

    • Push & Pull Work Assignments

      Bucketing of requests into appropriate process queues & processing using ‘Push – Pull’ techniques

    • Dynamic User Management

      Provides for Multi-location, multi-user, multi-role user management

    • Cross Reference past requests

      CBS / TradeZone reference No to provide all earlier reference to the request

    • Direct Emailing of Swift & Financial Advises

      System generated emails along with advices shared with respective branches & customers

    Key Benefits

    Mobile & Internet Banking Integration

    CBS / AML / Treasury Integration

    Audit & Compliance with Read Only Access for Audits

    Real-time Reports

    Real Time Management Dashboard

    Scheduled Reports

    Turn Around Time Reminders/Alerts

    In-built Document Management System

    End-to-End request tracking

    API based Request creation

    Optimal Resource utilization

    Two Step Verification

    Banks & Customer Benefits

    • Remote branches can start accepting Trade requests
    • Increase in customer stickiness

    • Easy Accessibility to Trade Finance documentation & processes

    • Leverage rapidly expanding data stores to drive new business insight & operational efficiencies

    • Customer upload of request through Mobile / Internet channels

    • Various Priorities in terms of Customer, Transaction, Process