Trade Finance Automation

  • Gain Competitive Advantage With Centralized Operations, Improved Compliance, Enhanced Revenues And Service Leadership In Trade Finance.

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Trade Finance Automation Solution

"To ensure success and to support our domestic clients more effectively we needed greater collaboration, automation and operational consistency across our lending business.
The implementation approach allowed us to get up and running on the platform very quickly across our business and is enabling us to have a standard operating model across the region. We are constantly looking to improve the way we deliver new products and services to our clients. The solution gives us the flexibility to do this."

Head Business,
Upcoming NBFC

Single platform for Trade Finance business transformation.

Broadest range of traditional trade finance instruments.
Banks can use it to reduce costs, increase productivity, broaden their product range, and improve client retention with process automation.
It combines centralised control and straight-through processing (STP) for trade to deliver superior service level agreement (SLA) management.
It can help you transform trade operations to improve margins, win on client service, and capture new opportunities trade finance.

Effective screening controls for sanctions and AML risk management

Tailoring the content and application of watch-lists to the bank’s risk profile — significant operational cost savings can be made by streamlining watch lists. Identifying a “core” set of sanctions lists to use for all customer relationships and transactions.

Given the number of potential gaps that are present in screening programs and the amount of over-screening that occurs, better evaluating the risks and tailoring the response accordingly could make Trade transactions much more secure, effective and efficient.

Single, Global view of all customer trade dealings

  1. Customer based priority
  2. Transaction based priority
  3. Process based priority
  4. Currency based priority
  5. Black-List customers
Solution Highlights
  • Manual Priority Setup

    Customer wise Priorities with a feature of Manual Priority

  • Swift Message modification

    Fund your company's growth using just your trade receivables.

  • Deferral Validation & Reports

    Fund your company's growth using just your trade receivables

  • Holiday Master Management

    Manage all transactions and approvals basis defined holiday calendar across the system.

  • Compliance And Audit Trail

    End-to-end visibility of user request.

  • Push & Pull Work Assignments

    Bucketing of requests into appropriate process queues and processing using ‘Push – Pull’ techniques.

  • Do Not Disturb

    Fund your company's growth using just your trade receivables.

  • Non-Banking Customer Support

    Fund your company's growth using just your trade receivables

  • Foreign Currency Checks

    Fund your company's growth using just your trade receivables.

  • Direct Emailing of Swift & Financial Advises

    Fund your company's growth using just your trade receivables.

Key Benefits

Mobile & Internet Banking Integration

CBS / DMS / Treasury System Integration

Audit & compliance with Read Only Access for Audits

Real-time Reports

Real Time Management Dashboard

Scheduled Reports

Turn Around Time Reminders/Alerts

In-built Document Management System

End-to-End request tracking

API based request creation

Optimal Resource utilization

Two Step Verification

Banks & Customer Benefits

  • Remote branches can start accepting Trade requests
  • Increase in customer stickiness

  • Easy Accessibility to Trade Finance documentation & processes

  • No requirement of Actual skilled resource of Trade Finance

  • Customer upload of request through Mobile / Internet channels

  • Various Priorities in terms of Customer, Transaction, Process