Trade Finance Regulatory Reporting Suite

“Kyzer’s regulatory solution for DRI and EDPMS/IDPMS reporting allows to compile and reconcile data pertaining to trade, which banks must report to DRI and RBI.

The solution allowed us to get up & running on the platform very quickly. The solution enabled us to have a standard operating model and effectively work as per our banking Infosec guidelines. Various reports and dashboards provide a better insight into our operations. Great work Kyzer Team.”
Great work Kyzer Team!"

AGM – Forex, Trade Finance,
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Kyzer’s Regulatory Solutions

Kyzer’s Trade Finance Reporting Solution (TFRS) has been successfully implemented in banks to support their transaction records accurately and submit them at the stipulated time as per various Regulatory prescribed formats.

Trade Finance Regulatory Reporting Suite is a one stop solution that enables banks to efficiently automate and unify their regulatory reporting data with RBI, DRI, FIU India’s regulatory compliance requirements.

Product Features

  RBI portal secure handling with access limited only with administrator

  Master Set up equivalent to RBI Portal

  Multiple logins creation across the bank for processing

  Smart Mapping - Payments & Invoice or Shipping bills

  Direct integration with CBS / Integration via scheduler

  Additional fields / information insertion to ensure complete reporting to RBI.

  Zero Manual intervention - Shipping bills handling.

  Auto Checker facility also available

  End to end Audit with time stamp

  Manual settlement approach

  Single view mapping

  Multiple scenarios of Settlement handled

  Online process – Overall simplification of reporting.

  Paperless secure transmission - data related to imports/exports from customs.

  Adjustments and calculations handled.

  Settlements info to customer.

Domain Expertise

Trade data Compilation & Reconciliation

Automated compliance, reconciliation, and reporting for Trade Transactions (Export / Import) to regulatory agencies.

Trade related regulatory reporting

All trade related regulatory reporting across multiple agencies.

Secure Intranet Web Hosted Services

Web interfaces for the bank to handle processes not available in their current trade system or involves high cost for CBS modification.

RBI Portal Master Management

Masters management within the solution offers validations to ensure optimum accuracy of reporting.

Automated Reporting

Discontinuation of separate reporting & Shift from Manual reporting to Automated reporting as per RBI guidelines.

Multi-Level Reporting

Banks enabled to report remittances at all levels.


Modules Supported – EDPMS / IDPMS

BOE Settlement
BOE Extension
BOE Closure
Manual BOE creation
Other Bank Bill of Entry
BOE Extension
Manual ORM
ORM reporting’s
ORM Closure
Import Data Download
Receipt of Document
Payment realisation
Payment Extension
Write Off
Manual IRM
IRM Reporting’s
IRM Closure
IRM Extension
AD Transfer Request
AD Transfer Approval
Export Data Download

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