TradeZone - Trade Finance Automation

Single platform for Trade Finance business transformation.

Broadest range of traditional trade finance instruments, banks can use it to reduce costs, increase productivity, broaden their product range, and improve client retention with process automation.

Single, Global view of all customer trade dealings

Define SLAs for individual clients to gain a competitive advantage with improved automation and transparency.

Extensive Reports

Reports & MIS pertaining to the productivity of the user, customer information, customer trending, anti-money laundering, alerts for blacklisted customers, risk management, etc.

Integrations with banking systems

TradeZone offers integration with CBS, SWIFT, Treasury, Internet banking as direct connections

Customisation Toolkit

The system’s customisation toolkit allows local adaptations to be made to augment and extend preconfigured and centrally managed workflows.

Compliance and Audit Trail

TradeZone supports Dynamic processes, manages all remittances with all Compliances and Scrutiny based on the Business Rules of the Bank with Audit trail

Why TradeZone?

  Bucketing of requests into appropriate process queues

  Process based work allocation to users

  Processing using ‘Push -Pull’ techniques

  Real time queue visibility

  Request processing using Robotic Process Automation

  Cross reference to past requests

  Deferral Validations & Reports

  Data archival policies

  Dedupe, Blacklisting & other checks

  Auto emailing of reports

  Quick tracking

  Integration with CBS, Treasury, JOCATA, FRSS

  Timely user notifications

  End-to-end visibility of user request

  API based request creation

  Integration with Mobile & Netbanking, CBS, DMS,Treasury systems etc

Benefits to Bank and Customers

Remote branches can also start with accepting the request

  Increase in customer stickiness

  Easy Accessibility to Trade Finance documentation & processes

  No requirement of Actual skilled resource of Trade Finance

  Customer can upload the request through any channel

  Various Priorities in terms of Customer, Transaction, Process

  Tasks can be made available to the users by the Management

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