DRI Reporting

Directorate of Revenue Intelligence Solution Features

DRI and RBI have provisioned for daily data submission by all Cat I Authorised Dealer Banks under Section 108A & 108B of the Customs Act, 1962.

Customs (Furnishing of Information) Rules 2017 has come into effect from 1st January 2018.

DRI Reporting

Kyzer uses its regulation technology to make it easier and cost effective for banks to comply with regulatory reporting to Reserve Bank of India, Directorate of Revenue Intelligence, Financial Intelligence Unit of India and other compliance obligations.

Through TFRS, our regulation platform, banks report millions of transactions a day to comply with these regulations as well as use this data to gain visibility into their organizations and make informed business decisions.

  • Streamline compliance process
  • Fast Filing Regulatory Reporting
  • Automated Process
  • User Friendly system reduces Manpower Costs in redundant activity
  • Multiple Source Data Extraction
  • Timely notification,  alerts for reporting
  • All regulatory reporting changes covered in AMC

DRI Reporting

Kyzer Software provides DRI Reporting software along with SFTP server to AD banks to simplify & strengthen their systems’ ability to gather, analyse and report regulatory data.

  • Daily reporting of all Inward & Outward Remittance as per the csv format provided.
  • Creation of a SFTP site with 10 GB Space allowing SSH access.
  • Dedicated SFTP account username and password to be provided to DRI.
  • A total of Four directories on the SFTP site.
  • Maintenance of offline transactions data files (min. 5 years) to be available on an ad-hoc request basis.

Transaction data Compilation & Reconciliation

Automated compliance, reconciliation & reporting for Trade Transactions (Export / Import) and Cash Transactions across all platforms

Regulatory Reports Business Intelligence

Customization to Automated Reports, Kyzer also provides Business Intelligence for improving Customer eXperience / TAT

Masters Management

Masters management within the solution offers validations to ensure optimum accuracy of reporting.

The process of replacing the bank’s regulatory data collection system with an upgraded version with Business Intelligence capabilities & Algorithmic development.
The latest release of the software allows Compliance & AML supervisors to distribute data through new application interfaces.
Platform supports
– various formats, including Excel, CSV, XML which enables regulators to accept data submissions from entities flexibly.
– Inputs across multiple source systems.

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