FIU - Cross Border Wire Transfer Reporting

FIU India – Cross Border Wire Transfer Report

Kyzer CBWTR Solution Features

Fast Filling of FIU India Reporting

  • Streamline compliance process
  • Fast Filing Regulatory Reporting
  • Automated Process
  • Inbuilt XSD validations which helps meet all the FIU reporting requirements
  • User Friendly system reduces Manpower Costs in redundant activity
  • Extraction of Data from various sources such as :
    • CBS
    • Database
    • Trade Finance System
    • Swift files
    • Excel
  • Data Extraction Utility custom built for Customer specific requirements
  • Recon with past XML file reported to FIU can be done (Reports Comparison)
  • In case of suspicious transaction reporting then reporting for similar transaction gets highlighted if found again for the same customer
  • Timely notification, alerts for reporting
  • All regulatory reporting changes covered in AMC


  • Frequent changes in file formats or reporting structure provided
  • Creation of Hash file also available
  • User can create the new request for reporting in case data not available in any of the system
  • Manual Addition of Transactions
  • Default Settings for Fields not available in Source Systems
  • Editing of Fields not available in Source Systems
  • Default Settings for Suspicious Transactions
  • Editing of Suspicious Transactions
  • Complete Audit Trail per Transaction
  • Regeneration of Existing Reports
  • Report Comparison


  • Integrated platform with data extraction capability across multiple systems to conduct seamless analytical activity and regulatory compliance reporting
  • Reports extracted in system in following manner
    • Manual File Upload
    • Scheduler Based
    • Direct DB access
    • API linked
  • Frequency of file upload can be defined
  • Maker Checker Approach with configuration of disabling Maker & Checker available with business admin
  • User Friendly UI
  • Out of box reports available
  • Special filter options across the portal for STR filed reports
  • Inbuilt user management and in case of Integration with Active Directory or Single sign on
  • Multiple database support
  • Multiple CBS support
  • Designed secure interfaces between the source and target with a strong reconciliation and data quality check framework. Faster processing made possible with performance tuning

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