RBI EDPMS & IDPMS Management: Corporate Portal for Compliance

RBI EDPMS IDPMS management & dedicated corporate portal for regularization

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has mandated all banks and financial institutions to electronically submit all import and export-related transaction reports.

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RBI Regulatory Requirements met with Kyzer EDPMS IDPMS Solution

Reserve bank of India mandates all importers and exporters in India to match off and regularise their payments and collections with custom generated documents within stipulated timelines. IDPMS and EDPMS are comprehensive data processing and monitoring platforms for import and exports to facilitate banks to report various returns. Kyzer IEDPMS offers a customer interface to these platforms.

What Is Kyzer EDPMS IDPMS for?

Automated compliance, reconciliation and reporting

100% compliant with RBI EDPMS IDPMS requirements

Dedicated Corporate portal for Regularization


Secure your reputation & minimize financial and regulatory risks

One stop solution for all bank reconciliation needs

  • Track and monitor regulatory reportings and pendencies pertaining to all export and import transactions

  • Ensure that any reporting gaps are addressed in timely manner

  • Manage every transaction in a single screen, which shows the entire history of messages exchanged

Regulatory Compliance Boost: RBI Adherence

Manage every transaction in a single screen, which shows the entire history of bills and remittances

  • Clear visibility into transaction status and regulatory requirements

  • Enhanced adherence to RBI regulations, reducing the risk of penalties and delays.

  • Compliance complexities, manual paperwork, regulatory hurdles, and potential delays in transactions.


Solution Features

Complete Trade Finance Platform

Snapshot view of the customer accounts, commission charges, forex rates.. Complete View of Trade Finance business across all channels. Improved Audit & Compliance. Automated Workflow designed exclusively for Trade Finance.

Supports Enhanced Compliance

Workflows for trade origination, Document Examination/Compliance, Product Lifecycle & Straight Thru Transaction Processing. Complete Configuration of Bank’s Approval Matrix & Deviation Hierarchy. Chain based approval as per Bank’s SOP AML, Sanctions & Blacklist Country Checks via Integrations.

Challenges faced by financial institutions

Bulky paperwork especially where the volume of business is high

Requirement of physical submission of documents at AD banks for regularisation

Lack of real-time dashboards for all pending compliance

Limitations and delay in issuance of e-BRC, eFIRC certifications

Non-submission / timely regularisation of export bills leading to regulatory action

Historical data pendencies impacitng customer businesses

Reduction of resources needed for compliance checks.

Lack of alerts and notifications from banks

IEDPMS Reporting Platform Features

Automated Compliance, Reconciliation, and Reporting

One Stop Solution that enables banks to efficiently automate and unify their export and import data with RBI’s regulatory compliance requirements.

Corporate Portal to process export & import data and reporting

Integration will offer exporters/importers the convenience to regularise their shipping bills or bill of entry digitally.

Dashboard providing real time out of box reports

Comprehensive tracking and monitoring of export import data, reporting and pendencies on click of a button.

Reduced operational un-productive TAT by 80% in IEDPMS processing

Solution automates repetitive manual bank reconciliations and assist in improving staff efficiencies.

Caution Listed Customer identification

Caution listed customer gets identified before processing the request leading to additional checks and validations.

Multiple invoice settlements with single remittance & vice versa

Auto settlement of shipping bills with multiple currencies as payment currency amount along-with freight & insurance.

Electronic foreign inward remittance certificate (e-FIRC) management

Automated e-FIRC issuance against inward remittances received by customer.

Trade transactions, transfers and certifications are processed, analyzed and reported.

Complete MIS support. with periodic statements. Keeping a track for timely closures of bills through ageing data.


Trusted by leading Indian and Multinational Banks

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