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Bank TradeKonne portal offers a safe and secure login, complemented by a customer-friendly interface, ensuring timely international trade transactions from anywhere you are.

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A trade services platform to evolve with compliance, client and competitive demands.

TradeKonnect Corporate Portal offers an integrated front-end, enabling integration directly with existing internet banking and bank systems, providing a single view of data to meet customer experience expectations. Our API-enabled solution enables flexible integration with ecosystem partners, which we will continue to expand as part of our Intelligent Trade Ecosystem strategy.

What Does TradeKonnect Offer?

Extensible platform to automate and compete paperless trade

Intelligent trade solution enables fast time-to-market for more tailored services.

Future ready flexible technology

Allows innovation to be delivered at speed for changing client demands.

Excellence in customer experience

Ensure excellence in customer experience to seize new business opportunities


Streamline with TradeKonnects' intuitive portal

Single portal covering the broadest and deepest suite of trade finance products.

  • Digital processing for growing areas like letter of credit, guarantees, etc helps clients capture growth from profitable service-based exports.

  • Flexible and STP-driven trade finance helps to capture the SME and open account, remittances revenue opportunities.

  • Being aware and understanding the bank’s risk appetite and controls in place.

Next-generation digital services for corporates

intelligent trade services enables fast time-to-market for more tailored trade finance services.

  • Portal offers a safe and secure login, complemented by a customer-friendly interface, ensuring timely international trade from anywhere you are.

  • Convenience of product-wise dashboards, simplifying business interactions with customers.

  • With just a few clicks, customers can complete FX Remittance, Import payment, LC & BG issuance / amendment requests.


Solution Features

Complete Trade Finance Platform

Snapshot view of the customer accounts, commission charges, forex rates.. Complete View of Trade Finance business across all channels. Improved Audit & Compliance. Automated Workflow designed exclusively for Trade Finance.

Supports Enhanced Compliance

Workflows for trade origination, Document Examination/Compliance, Product Lifecycle & Straight Thru Transaction Processing. Complete Configuration of Bank’s Approval Matrix & Deviation Hierarchy. Chain based approval as per Bank’s SOP AML, Sanctions & Blacklist Country Checks via Integrations.

Why choose TradeKonnect ?

Trade / Non Trade related transactions initiated via portal round the clock with ease

24x7 online access across the globe: Trade finance and Non Trade transactions can be routed anytime and anywhere.

Autocreation of request raised in banks' trade finance workflow

Simplified transactional experience and reduced data entry through specific workflows.

Dedicated module for IDPMS / EDPMS regularization

Complete view of EDPMS and IDPMS data. Outstanding BOE / SB view and knock off against bills

Integrated with Core banking system and 3rd party APIs

Integration with various Core banking system, treasury, document management system and 3rd party systems

Real-time alerts and notifications

Quicker turn around time, notifications and authorization on the move.

Fully digital workflow

Defined signing rules and routing enables any organisation to customise and consolidate their internal and external workflows.

Smart product & regulatory dashboards

Customers get real time updates on the status of transactions. Automated Alerts on Transactions.

IEDPMS regulatory submission & regularization

Real time view of the number of outstanding regulatory pending reports pertaining to transactions already processed.

Why Choose Kyzer ?

Trusted by leading Indian and Multinational banks

Enabling digital transformation in Trade Finance, Customer Communication, Compliance, Audit and Regulatory Reporting

Globally recognised for niche products and domain expertise

We deliver technology-driven solutions that drive digital transformation for banks, their customers and help them get ahead of today’s challenges to capitalize on what’s next.

Intelligent, adaptable, cost efficient and highly scalable solutions

Providing the critical tech infrastructure that powers trade finance, partner networks and customer connect to enable better financial lives.

Experienced management focused on research & innovative solutions

Decades of global experience across banking and technology enables us to visualise the transformation journey that increases efficiency and reduces risk.

Transforming Business and Technology Architectures in parallel

Designing experience centric, customer focused, digital first journeys with the latest technology implementations.

Human and technology enablers with clear business outcomes

Driven by data and your banks' purpose, we help to frame your digital trade ambition, strategy and use cases.

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