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TradeZone - Automated Trade Finance Platform for Banks and Corporates

Future-proof ecosystem accessed through TradeZone, allows innovation to be delivered at speed for changing client demands. Kyzer can help empower your Trade Finance processes via smart-data-ingestion and decision-making.

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Market-leading trade solution delivered across the right channels, connected to a powerful and future-proof ecosystem.

Kyzer Software is actively engaged is shaping the development of an integrated platform that truly digitizes the trade flow from an end to end perspective.

With evolving corporate customer expectations demanding a more seamless and engaging transactional experience, banks need to adapt with a dynamic front-to-back automation engine for trade finance, remittance and compliance management. More than ever, banks need to evolve from manual / semi manual processing, to enable automation and future-proofed integration, to an ecosystem of services that support digitalization of the full transaction lifecycle.

What Does Kyzer TradeZone Offer?

Faster innovation

Intelligent trade solution enables fast time-to-market for more tailored services.

Future ready flexible technology

Allows innovation to be delivered at speed for changing client demands.

Smarter compliance and risk distribution

Improves STP on sanctions and compliance screening harnessing the latest advances in technology.


Simple. Secure. Integrated.

The language of trade finance is as diverse as the products and geographies it covers.

  • Unified digital experience and integrated operations benefits banks and corporates with a consolidated view of business.

  • Banks can leverage APIs to embrace new data sources for analytics and more robotic processing throughout the customer journey.

  • Comprehensive product roadmap ensures transformation is delivered on an evergreen core architecture.

Future of trade finance is secure & growth oriented

Increase relevance and automate compliance with a future-proof technology platform.

  • Offers potential to drive new fee-based revenue, deepen corporate connectivity and capture growth in line with changing needs.

  • Modular and connected banking suite combines trade finance applications with core banking system, treasury, SWIFT and SFMS systems.

  • Defined signing rules and routing enable any bank to customise and consolidate their internal and external workflows.


Solution Features

Complete Trade Finance Platform

Snapshot view of the customer accounts, commission charges, forex rates.. Complete View of Trade Finance business across all channels. Improved Audit & Compliance. Automated Workflow designed exclusively for Trade Finance.

Supports Enhanced Compliance

Workflows for trade origination, Document Examination/Compliance, Product Lifecycle & Straight Thru Transaction Processing. Complete Configuration of Bank’s Approval Matrix & Deviation Hierarchy. Chain based approval as per Bank’s SOP AML, Sanctions & Blacklist Country Checks via Integrations.

Why choose TradeZone ?

End-to-end capabilities for frictionless trade finance and remittances.

Complete View of customer trade finance business across all channels.

Supports enhanced compliance and audit

Workflows for trade lifecycle management, document examination, compliance and audit.

Straight thru transaction processing

Product specific business rules to ensure effective scrutiny, compliance and processing of transactions.

Configurations of bank’s approval and deviation hierarchy.

Parameterised validations, segregation and process routing.

360° integration capabilities

Integrations with multiple core banking systems, treasury, internet banking, anti money laundering, screenings, remittance systems, and more.

Centralized and decentralized functionalities

Offers built-in trade specific business rules and workflow frameworks.

Dashboards & real time out-of-box reports

Armed with real time reports for customers, service desk, operations, administration and management.

Real time alerts and notifications

Alerts and notifications along with Swift and cbs advices emails to bank clients.

Fully digital process automation

Defined signing rules and routing enable any bank to customise and consolidate their internal and external workflows.

Configurable architecture across platforms

Offers integrations with internet banking and Open bank API Integrations with trade finance reporting modules

Real-Time status of trade finance operations

Reference nos provide all prior reference to past transactions & smart tagging with future transactions

One platform to manage all trade finance exchange

Covers a wide range of trade finance functionalities and workflows across business verticals and customers.

Monitoring compliance and audit

Monitoring compliance and audit to provide insights to predict outcomes before they happen

Why Choose Kyzer ?

Trusted by leading Indian and Multinational banks

Enabling digital transformation in Trade Finance, Customer Communication, Compliance, Audit and Regulatory Reporting

Globally recognised for niche products and domain expertise

We deliver technology-driven solutions that drive digital transformation for banks, their customers and help them get ahead of today’s challenges to capitalize on what’s next.

Intelligent, adaptable, cost efficient and highly scalable solutions

Providing the critical tech infrastructure that powers trade finance, partner networks and customer connect to enable better financial lives.

Experienced management focused on research & innovative solutions

Decades of global experience across banking and technology enables us to visualise the transformation journey that increases efficiency and reduces risk.

Transforming Business and Technology Architectures in parallel

Designing experience centric, customer focused, digital first journeys with the latest technology implementations.

Human and technology enablers with clear business outcomes

Driven by data and your banks' purpose, we help to frame your digital trade ambition, strategy and use cases.

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