RBI - EDPMS IDPMS Reporting solution

Digitally Transform Your Bank’s Regulatory Reporting

Kyzer’s Regulatory Solutions Impact Banks in Monitoring Exports and Imports Processes

EDPMS & IDPMS Solution Features

  • Centralized EDPMS IDPMS reporting platform for the Trade-Finance Team
  • Web based portal accessible across branches via secure internal network.
  • Automated reconciliation & reporting for Trade Transactions (Export / Import) to RBI
  • End-to-end tracking of Import Export Compliance & reconciliation status
  • e-BRC, eFIRC Management module
  • Automated Tracker/ Mailer for customer follow-ups and reporting
  • Improved TAT for processing applications
  • Reduction of resources needed for compliance checks
  • Past reported data in EDPMS and IDPMS portal can be populated in Kyzer IEDPMS and can be further used for reporting.
  • Customer can directly settle the bills against the remittances via Kyzer-TFRS connectivity
  • Flexibility for the banks for Auto settlement of Shipping Bills with regards to Bill lodgement or Shipping bill individually.
  • System Identifies Tolerance values and Auto settle the bills.
  • System generates Unique Payment Reference no uniquely generated for each settlement
  • Auto Identification of Third-party realisation
  • Real time dashboards for Importer/Exporter
  • Monthly and Daily Alerts with regards to outstanding bills and remittances to be sent to registered email Id of the customer

Via Internet Banking

• Kyzer IEDPMS can be linked to Internet Banking of the Bank.
• Integration will offer exporters/importers the convenience to regularise their Shipping Bill or Bill of Entry digitally by matching payments.
• Automated eBRC can be received by Customer in their Internet Banking Portal as and when the realisation is accepted by RBI
• Customer can ensure they are not caution listed due to outstanding bills.

Via Trade Workflow

  • Kyzer IEDPMS can be linked to Bank’s Internal Trade Workflow leading to next to real time settlement at RBI
  • Caution listed customer gets identified before processing the request leading to additional checks and validations
  • Each settlement is against the Bill of entry and shipping bill available against bank’s AD code
  • Early identification of Other Bank Bill of entry and Transfer of shipping bill cases.
  • Faster decision making in terms of processing or non-processing of request for caution listed customers.


Data available for Customer via Internet banking to directly provide settlement details to the bank.
One View Dashboard for the customer.
Populate the data to Core banking system where the bank user can use the said data against the customer IE Code.
Online screening against Sanction Lists if required before reporting.
Auto Maker and Checker option enablement.
Data Enrichment & Analytics.

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