Experience Seamless Trade Finance Transactions & Enhance Customer Delight

Customer convenience with Anytime Anywhere Trade Finance and Regulatory Management

Kyzer Customer Trade Finance Portal enables banks to offer corporate customers a Web Based Interface for conducting Trade Finance transactions online, including Letter of Credit, Bank Guarantees, Documentary and Clean Collections, Payment Processing, Remittances, and RBI Export and Import Data Regulatory Reconciliation and Management.

The Portal secures Online requests and transmits them electronically along with Documentary Evidence.

Help Business Banking, Corporate and Institutional Customers to execute complex banking transactions

Online Requests submissions leading to faster resolution of discrepancies related to the request

Customer prefers Do-It-Yourself ( DIY ) model for banking, such as Net Banking Transactions using NEFT/RTGS/IMPS.

Information is received in Digital format that can be taken up for processing thereby improving SLA , Turn Around Time.

Alternate Channels for Enhance Engagement and Stickiness

Increase Reach via Anytime Banking

Bridge to connect with Remote Customer locations

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Automate all of your trade finance processes, compliance with  reportings to government bodies in one Regulatory Suite platform.

Our Core Portal Features

Real time Information Sharing

Customer will able to see all Trade-Finance related on the portal, such as:
Inward / Outward Remittance - Trade & Non Trade
Letter of Credit
Bank Guarantee
Bill of Entry / Shipping Bills
Request Status 


We help you Customised and position your Bank Trade Finance Services in a way that enhances the output of your Clients.

Integration with IDPMS / EDPMS Data offering a One Stop Solution that enables banks to efficiently automate and unify their export and import data with RBI’s regulatory compliance requirements.

Dashboards & Account Statements

Account Statements for Trade/ Non-Trade Transactions can be viewed and downloaded as per customer requirements
Download Transaction-Advice and Swift-Messages with respect to transactions done

Real Time Alerts and Notifications

Portal offers Near Real time Alerts and Notifications along with Swift and CBS advice emails to bank clients. 

Open Bank APIs can be offered for direct Corporate Integrations

Trade Request Creation & Document submission

Centralized information that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime
Submit Documents Online
Prefilled templates for similar transactions

In-built Validations and Business Intelligence

Parameterised validations, segregation and process routing.  Product specific business rules to ensure effective scrutiny, compliance and processing of transactions.

Complete Configuration of Bank’s Approval and Deviation Hierarchy.

Why Banks Choose Kyzer Customer Trade Portal

Comprehensive Trade Finance Automation

End-to-End Trade Automation from Customer Portal, Complete Bank Trade interface with integrations with third party systems.

Ease to launch New Trade products.

Risk Monitoring and Regulatory Management

Trade specific workflows, document examination and Compliance monitoring, Product Lifecycle & STP.
Complete Configuration of Bank’s Approval and Deviation Hierarchy.

AML/Blacklist Country Check through Integration

Data Management and Warehouse

Complete Data management across Core and Third party systems to ensure optimial data handling, retrieval and auditability.

Customer portal data visibility and email/sms communication management.

Domain Expertise in Banking

We provide planning services to help financial institutions minimize their costs and expenses.

Kzyer is actively engaged in  shaping the development of this integrated platform that will truly digitalize the trade flow from end-to-end.

Business Retention and Growth

Centralized Processing for all Customer Requests. Remote branches can start accepting Trade requests.

Ease of  Accessibility to Trade Finance documentation & processes.

Solution Live with Leading Indian & Multinational Banks

We have embarked to Digitize Customer Interface offered with Internet banking integration to automate manual and  repetitive Export and Import Account Request, Regulatory Management, and Document submission tasks.

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