Leading Digital Transformation of Trade Finance and Risk Management

Challenges with Current Trade Finance Solutions


Current manual processes are still susceptible to fraud and human error and increasing risk management costs for the banks.

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Lack of Customer Portal.  increasing overheads of regulatory compliance &  screening raises cost across the industry.

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Current solutions are standalone and not interoperable. They address only part of the Trade Finance journey

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As numerous aspects of trade finance remain highly manual & market adoption slow, banks unable to achieve optimal efficiency in Trade Finance.

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Comprehensive Digital Platform and Compatible Trade Workflow Framework

TradeZone for Banks offers a transformed user experience that is simple, intuitive, and designed to give your customers and bank users greater autonomy in management of their trade transactions.

Built on modern technology, TradeZone for Banks delivers an enhanced user experience, unrivalled functionality, and a broad suite of connectivity options for banks. 

TradeZone offers the fastest and most cost-effective way to revolutionise your Trade Finance Operations and Customer Experience.

Banks can deliver a quick digital experience for customers in developing markets.
Ready connectivity with carriers. Galileo TPaaS for Banks gives your clients access to more than 200 carriers across the globe.


Ensure Excellence in Customer Experience, Ease of Operations, Resource Optimization, Compliance, Audit and Regulatory Management alongwith a Holistic View of the Trade Cycle.

TradeZone enables banks with Full fledged Customer Portal, dynamic product creation, real time tracking of trade requests, configurable controls, enabling integrations with third party systems, eco friendly paperless thereby ensuring ROI to the bank in a very short period.

The objective of building this solution was to help the banks in effective request creation via netbanking / standalone portal, tracking of trade requests, minimize revenue leaks by having effective de-dupe checks, eliminate paper, and return ROI to the bank in less than a year.

The product has grown over the period of 4+ years and its capability has been enhanced by integrating the application with various systems within / outside the bank.

Overall TradeZone is fit for banks who would like to manage / monitor their trade transactions on a single dashboard and have the solution customized / configured as per their banking process.

The greatest challenge in trade finance is the significant operational cost and risk involved in the paper-intensive transactions. Efforts to digitalise highly manual solutions started decades ago, and there have been attempts by both industry players and banks to deliver new solutions to digitalise various parts of the trade finance value chain.

Solution Highlights

Why Banks Choose Kyzer TradeZone

Comprehensive Trade Finance Automation

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