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Challenges with Current Trade Finance Solutions

The greatest challenge in trade finance is the significant operational cost and risk involved in the paper-intensive transactions. Efforts to digitalise highly manual solutions started decades ago, and there have been attempts by both industry players and banks to deliver new solutions to digitalise various parts of the trade finance value chain.


Current manual processes are still susceptible to fraud and human error, increasing risk management costs for the banks.


Inefficient processes & increasing overheads of regulatory compliance & screening raises cost across the industry.


Current solutions are not interoperable, & they address only part of the trade finance journey.


As numerous aspects of trade finance processes remain highly manual & market adoption of solutions is slow, banks are unable to achieve optimal efficiency in trade finance.

The Digital Journey in Trade Finance

TradeZone is an End-to-End Trade Finance request tracking software. The objective of building this workflow based process software was to help the banks in effective tracking of trade requests, minimize revenue leaks by having effective de-dupe checks, eliminate paper, and return ROI to the bank in less than a year.

The product has grown over the period of 4+ years and its capability has been enhanced by integrating the application with various systems within / outside the bank.

Solution Highlights

TradeZone offers:

  • Snapshot view of the customer accounts, commission charges, currency rates..
  • Complete View of Trade Finance business across all channels.
  • Improvement in Trade Margins.
  • Centralized & De-centralized Operations.
  • Improved Audit & Compliance.
  • Enhanced Revenues.
  • Service Leadership in Trade Finance process.

TradeZone is completely customizable to Bank’s need to accommodate and improve their decision making process as per their requirements.

  • Ensures electronic movement of cases in a paperless workflow environment.
  • The User Interface provides for effective information sharing on need-to-know basis.
  • Overall the product is fit for banks who would like to manage / monitor their trade transactions on a single dashboard and have the solution customized / configured as per their banking process.

Workflows for trade origination, Document Examination/Compliance ,Product Lifecycle & STP.

  • Complete Configuration of Bank’s Approval and Deviation Hierarchy.
  • Chain based approval as per Bank’s SOP
  • AML/Blacklist Country Check through Integration
  • Integration with IDPMS / EDPMS data
  • Regulatory & Customized MIS report generation
  • Offers Integrations with Net-Banking and Mobile Banking
  • API’s from the product support Open Bank API
  • Integrations with Trade-Finance Reporting Modules
  • Capable to be Centralized Trade Portal of the Bank.
  • Core Trade Solution
  • Core Banking Solution
  • SWIFT Software
  • AML application and databases
  • Trade-Finance Reporting Modules
  • Customer Portal, Internet and Mobile Banking
  • Other required integrations

Customised Priority Setup

Customer/Currency/Process wise priorities with a feature for Manual priority

Holiday Master Management

Manage all transactions & approvals basis defined Holiday calendar across the system

Dynamic User Management

Provides for Multi-location, multi-user, multi-role user management

Deferral Validation & Reports

Centralized Dashboard for managing Customer Discrepancies. Reminders at scheduled intervals.

Compliance And Audit Trail

End-to-end visibility of user request. Quicktracking / Global & Advanced Search.

Cross Reference past requests

CBS / TradeZone Reference Nos to provide all earlier reference to past transactions/requests

Do Not Disturb

Conditional routing of transactions for current & future based transactions for review / approvals

Push & Pull Work Assignments

Bucketing of requests into appropriate process queues & processing using ‘Push – Pull’ techniques

Direct Emailing of CBS / SWIFT

System generated emails along with SWIFT advice/CBS details shared with respective branches & customers

Why Banks Choose Us

Marketing Plans

Ease of Launching New Trade Finance Products. Omni Channel Customer Interface.

Optimize Deals

24*7*365 Days availability. Mutli-Country, Multi-Time Zone & Multi-Currency Support.
Uncover and deliver on opportunities that build lasting value.

Business Growth

Centralized Processing for all Customer Requests. Remote branches can start accepting Trade requests. Ease of  Accessibility to Trade Finance documentation & processes.

Stimulate Innovation

Domain Ready – Go To Market.  Agility driven for Banks’ Product and Service Differentiation. Integrating –  Leveraging existing investments.

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