Trade Finance Automation

Digitally Transform Your Bank’s Trade Finance Operations & Compliance                                          

TradeZone - Trade Finance Automation Solution

Single platform for Trade Finance business transformation.

Supports the broadest range of traditional trade and supply chain finance instruments, on a single platform for business transformation.

Reduce costs, increase productivity, broaden their product range, and improve client retention.

End to End Trade Finance remittance software which takes care of Outward & Inward remittances from the Trade department.

Working on Java Framework, supports dynamic processes and manages all remittances.

Achieve a single, global view of all customer trade dealings with the bank.With improved automation and transparency, you can define SLAs for individual clients to gain a competitive advantage.

Enhanced Risk Management, strengthened Regulatory Compliance

Effective Screening controls for sanctions & AML risk management
Tailoring the content & application of watch-lists to the bank’s risk profile — significant operational cost savings can be made by streamlining watch lists.

Identifying a “core” set of sanctions lists to use for all customer relationships and transactions.

Centralized Dashboard for managing Customer Discrepancies. It also sends reminders at scheduled intervals

TradeZone Capabilities

Trade banks with multi-regional processing requirements can relocate operations to lower cost centres to achieve cost reduction and economies of scale. The system’s customisation toolkit allows local adaptations to be made to augment and extend preconfigured and centrally managed workflows.

Many users can have a projected reduction in costs by 30% across their trade finance operations.

TradeZone reduces time to market and project risk with its proven model bank implementation methodology and trade finance expertise.

TradeZone Phase -II offers integration with CBS, SWIFT and Treasury as direct connections.

Solution Highlights

Manual Priority Setup

Customer wise Priorities with a feature of Manual Priority

Holiday Master Management

Manage all transactions & approvals basis defined Holiday calendar across the system

Dynamic User Management

Provides for Multi-location, multi-user, multi-role user management

Deferral Validation & Reports

Centralized Dashboard for managing Customer Discrepancies. Reminders at scheduled intervals.

Compliance And Audit Trail

End-to-end visibility of user request. Quicktracking / Global & Advanced Search.

Cross Reference past requests

CBS / TradeZone reference No to provide all earlier reference to the request

Do Not Disturb

Conditional routing of transactions for current & future based transactions for review / approvals

Push & Pull Work Assignments

Bucketing of requests into appropriate process queues & processing using ‘Push – Pull’ techniques

Direct Emailing of Swift

System generated emails along with advices shared with respective branches & customers

Key Benefits

Mobile & Internet Banking Integration
CBS / AML / Treasury Integration
Audit & Compliance with Read Only Access for Audits
Real-time Reports
Real Time Management Dashboard
Scheduled Reports
Turn Around Time Reminders/Alerts
In-built Document Management System
End-to-End request tracking
API based Request creation
Optimal Resource utilization
Two Step Verification

Banks & Customer Benefits

  • Remote branches can start accepting Trade requests
  • Easy Accessibility to Trade Finance documentation & processes
  • Customer upload of request through Mobile / Internet channels
  • Increase in customer stickiness
  • Leverage rapidly expanding data stores to drive new business insight & operational efficiencies
  • Various Priorities in terms of Customer, Transaction, Process

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