Best Practice Compliance with Our Regulatory Reporting Suite

Revolutionise Your Compliance & Trade Finance Reporting

Automated Data Flow to Simplify & Strengthen Your Trade Finance Reporting and Compliance

Kyzer’s Trade Finance Reporting Suite ensures handling of all Reports to RBI, DRI, DGFT, FIU-India and other regulators with secure Data Management and Warehousing. Our unique offerings can revolutionise your Trade Compliance Operations and Reputational Risk Management.

Best Practice Compliance

Improve the standard of compliance to meet international best practice and anticipate regulatory demands.Create a clear audit trail to demonstrate decision making to regulators.

Risk Based Supervision

Transaction level risk ratings derived and used across reports.Multiple combinations for risk rating can be incorporated

Secure Your Reputation

Minimise the reputational and financial risk to your organisation that’s inherit in trade finance. Improve turnaround time for customer requests.

TFRS Suite Highlights

Transaction Data Compilation & Reconciliation

Automated compliance, reconciliation & reporting for Trade Transactions (Export / Import) and Cash Transactions across all platforms

Regulatory Reports Business Intelligence

Customization to Automated Reports, Kyzer also provides Business Intelligence for improving Customer eXperience / TAT

RBI Portal Master Management

Masters management within the solution offers validations to ensure optimum accuracy of reporting.

Secure Intranet Web Hosted Services

Web interfaces to handle processes not available in current trade system or involves high cost for CBS modification.

Automated Reporting

Discontinuation of separate reporting & Shift from Manual reporting to Automated reporting as per RBI guidelines.

Regulatory Portal Info Security

Elimination of bank-wide login & manual input & output extraction to the Regulatory portals

Multi-Level Reporting

Automated data flow with minimal intervention ensure better audit

Multiple reporting formats Complete Audit Trail

Automated tracking & submission of Failed Reports

Error Handling for complete reporting success

Automated / Validated / 99.99% Error Free

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